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"1 last time 1 last time I had the microphone like old school everything is like it used to be goddamn it's loud though happy wheels is shutting down in 2020 this is the last chance last time I'm playing happy wheels I didn't think I was gonna be crying come on none of that pussy shit let's go let's play that highest rated of all time guy in Cognito Harpoon Dodge I forgot I forgot the game sucks damn it damn it I forgot that the game sucks here's how you play harpoon dodge you just lay down ah god no hey I'm still alive so I am gonna keep that strategy oh my pee pee biggie biggie oh lay down oh wow I think I broke my strengths like a bouse did I make it I think I'm still alive if you can pass this level it means I'm gone I did it oh well I got through so cringe alright let me just head down there alright I'm gonna just head out no I'm definitely dead alright let's freakin do this I want my toes there it is my toes can tank anything I'm gonna have to sacrifice my foot don't worry I can reattach feet damn that was good I'm actually like a bouse all right if you pass this level you are gone all right here we go that was it thanks for playing hope you like it have a nice day I will have nice day all right next level of course Spanish I got clicky a kitty para oh senior oh senior air some text go play a cursor go play a cursor adelante my father come stay my father silence you all it's all Italian I know apparently it's not even Spanish well Jesus Christ dude I was wondering if the kid could drive the bike but I don't think he can I picked Spanish but he's still still speaks English I can't be bothered the interest too long I have no attention span keeps asking for what Spanish no what is this what am I supposed to do oh play tic-tac-toe no way that's that's kind of awesome all right I gotta get five cool oh well now I gotta get four five all right well I can get four no no no all right I'm just gonna aim for four here okay fine now I'll get four damn it now I'll get four eight damn it oh I lose yes and then we go for seven sweet perfect because now we can just do this nice sweet sweet victory drop it this is why I love happy wheels oh I remember these don't fight to me baby that's what babies get am I alive damn it indeed oh it keeps hitting my groin what a weird coincidence oh that's gonna hurt oops oh I'm having a bad day I'm definitely not hey baby I like that we're together now we're on this journey together what is this the backstory it's a human centipede it's all right we go together we're a team all right guess not Jesus Christ a metaphor how women suck the life out of you am I right gamers oh that's this man it looks like I have a big nothing coming out oh she took it nice let's parkour jump oh my god these oh Jesus Christ oh I could have been beauty pie I'm Dan to the end that's cool wait Dan TDM is better than me I don't think so Dan TDM I could have been ultimate pro I know this strategy is to disembark and then cannonball and then fly hey all right I win controller shit oh I can shift them that's really cool interesting oh Merry Christmas and then that happened what is this lean back oh my bitch yeah yeah yeah what oh no stop oh I didn't get any speed oh god yeah oh god keep going keep going keep going yeah that was fun I like that man happy wheels levels is like YouTube comments people just copying the same concept over and over and over this is my first level good look okay first level Jesus all right we got speed son I'm happy god damn it really good for you oh hey I did it too pretty good for first level not gonna lie nose run oh what in the world but why but why is that a boob you guys like the dinosaur go go game now this is better hey I did it except I'm Swedish thank you I don't know if I'm amazed or sad but someone spent time making that wait what whoa there's car in happy wheels no freaking way dude oh throw cabbage in the bucket to win okay why am I playing this this is just sad dude you're a disappointment I'll go without you you son of a bitch look at this shit this is how you ride a bike motherfucker yeah this is how you bike in Sweden motherfucker yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that was awesome that shit shit for you see I'm actually really good at happy wheels a lot of people don't know this front flip but does anyone even remember this has anyone stuck with my channel oh oh hey I made it epic oh rope swings yes rope swings are the best you just grab on and you go and it's awesome there you go what how do they do that I was supposed to go down here nice oh found a secret layer nice yeah give me a back massage give me a leg yes yes my sweet leg I love you you're my queen I'm trying to kiss you oh yes yes happy at last oh back massage oh oh yes oh that's the spot the right there oh oh yeah yeah I keep scratching did anyone ever make a happy will song because I mine all day I mine all night there we go got it yeah okay oh god I don't think I grabbed that or did I no I definitely did not come back please wait I can still do it oh it actually works I don't have enough patience to play this games anymore jacksepticeye spike oh my god let's go like a bouse complete this level like a bouse yeah like a bouse did it you like a bouse I'm PewDiePie yeah yes okay son you try it out you test it out you go good good luck son disappointed here we go yeah for jacksepticeye the best youtuber ever thank you oh what I never seen pixel art oh Jesus Christ of course you can't touch the beauty how did they make that I'm so confused damn there's some significant improvements it's almost sad that it's gone down now like look at that I became the slide itself says a lot about life wait oh I never played this guy all right well that worked out well okay don't die don't die got it Jesus okay we gotta be this one don't die come on let's go yeah yeah yeah I'm still alive I'm still alive I'm still alive I think I'm dead all right here we go all right come on come on son god damn it you're damn it you're so useless all right you tank it I got it I got it you got it back up there it is what's this yeah maybe this guy will do it the answer is no okay I get it I get it I get it now I get it now yes yes I'm alive never mind ooh brain test brain test that I passed the brain test did I just suck up a full woman nice oh there she is come here I want to suck you up I like this I like this character I never play as him rise and shine mr Freeman I'm not gonna read a story of someone that doesn't matter capitalize I chapter one the forest okay here we go son ah god damn it god damn it yeah all right level two god all right we got a someone joined us shut up son shut your man come on every day oh no oh no well I was dead death run hard sure sure buddy I can't what is bottle flip again I forgot all right MLG oh my god I can be MLG guys so close so close rate five to get so many people fell for that hey at least some pro at least some pro whoa whoa whoa yeah I like that oh the good old sword throws that one dude you hate him I went for my mom instead hey you're still seeing what killer killer off healthy how could you double sword yeah Taco Bell employee give me uncle Rick gets spared I mean you get spared we hear you're cool okay cool survive if you can oh god no on the table I made it and my legs are made it too come here leg I love you I love you like a son yeah look at this bitch bet you can't do this bitch yeah yeah oh they're coming back to me oh 50.9"886.6s

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