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"tonight Wait wait Bruh This is enough Oh good defense Anthony what's up man your mom that's tough Poo in Hollywood on you I don't go Hollywood on no balance I got to My god I gotta separate It's in an overhead bitch Bruh block that man Nah yeah I don't really get that What's up Pugato what's up money man He did that catch me for keying Shit I got him Good shot bruh Drop life big fat man what's good Poo yo what's good Timothy what's up You know it's cold outside Yeah cause I told you your mom's fucking slap from the back Come on Ready set Bruh I knew I wasn't gonna rebound on what I even tried Oh I boxed the bitch out Did you see that I boxed the nigga out on my mom I did In him fillet in that bitch Hey Hey my nigga jumping high fail Let me find out my nigga turned to a glad cleaner overnight You got to I'll shoot jump you that shit were retarded So yo know what's up E Damn bruh Don't read don't read Yes sir Bro me making a dummy damn shots on this game bruh Nigga be really making this shit You know let's go good shit What's good uh what's up man Imagine Pugato saying what's good yo what's good I'm like that what's up Sponsor yeah sponsor for our ad man I'm an ad people before I end the stream Fuck it that shit man like I'm like cookies on it I'm gonna eat dick bitch In it though We got this watch out for the three just three Yo Jump damn Hey we got one shot bruh I'm gonna keep you the bug We got one shot Now fuck it up bruh I gotta hold let it go up now Hold it wait hold it Good shit boy good play good play Pugato your dad have fought that I already told my dad That bruh I'm gonna now aint done Come on coachy Pugato you make an animation video I'm pretty sure All the shots in the community want to know how to dribble like a playmaker Like you do I'm gonna make a video about it What's up just trippin GG bruh Pugato I had 3000 coins can I have my bruh it's 3 I'm like I'm gonna say coins bruh 30 hours bruh Coins don't mean shit I don't know I ain't not some real life nigga I don't know What's up I'm arts what's up K I mean K What's up Glyzzy what's up time What's up it's me What's up random what's up Merck what's up Hall of Fame streets big what's up easy Hey bruh you a random ass bitch Bum bum Did you do animation glitch no bruh Notice how all the trolls came out After the game over LL Poofartin doing the live out We can go that stuff no I didn't Bruh hey can you meet the mic I'm in the stream bruh that's how I'm ass What's up Alright can you Bruh bruh who the fuck are you To the hole bruh your name Your name I don't know if you J Or you the you playing music I'm gonna meet one of y'all One of y'all gonna meet Alright there go up Bruh Leo nobody bro Leo you Ass bitch Leo you is fucking Ass bruh Leo We know you ass bruh Leo Leo you Is the ass bitch on this court right now bruh Keep it a buck Is it a he dick He dick that's enough I don't know 2 for a dollar nigga I don't miss 2 on like your ass dude you can miss 3 Them holes in a row you different bruh I don't miss you ass though that don't mean None yep we won easy vc Appreciate that shit Leo you a donated my guy In your throat Leo is shit as act Leo is Ass man I don't know why the bitch keep pulling up Think he gonna win he ain't winning that one again Against me bruh bruh you ain't I'm saying you ain't winning no game tonight bitch I bet you don't I bet you don't Bet you ain't winning no game tonight I'm gonna make sure you Won't win no game tonight bitch not against me I'm gonna smack that ass all the time Get the fuck out of here bitch little ass Put have a video on how to do Momental y'all Big fat what's up watching I do got a video out on that that shit was old though I ain't gonna kill that video a year ago Nah some months ago Let that bitch make that bruh I bet my Grandma can beat Leo hell yeah Anybody can bro anybody can bruh that nigga Leo is ass bruh and I ain't Over exaggerating this nigga is ass bruh He like the worst law Bro you average zero Steals a game bruh I don't wanna hear that excuse bitch Look at him you can't make a shot bruh to say Nobody life bruh use a fucking School shooter bruh That green That trash ass up bitch you ass man That long ass I don't know how the fuck You get back on the spot bruh Who let your thick head ass get on the spot bitch Why they Yo ass trash bruh Damn I shot that shit I don't know who the fuck I thought I was And then he missed Pooh I dropped off a 99% I created a go crazy Leo's Stank ass from the cry out it's tough Damn your stank ass from the cry out it's bitch Your puss ass up bitch Get that Green that shit Yeah don't sleep bitch In your throat I who got an ass 2k account you ass Appreciate it bruh what's good pooh I watch everyday bruh Appreciate that shit bruh appreciate the support This man goofy or your mother goofy No not even your mother your fucking daddy You're a goofy Nigga faking greens and shit bruh Told Trash you fuck look at that Leo You ass bruh you faking Don't bro don't Leo Anybody in the chat don't ever Leo me this bitch so ass When I said Leo that mean don't sell me bruh This bitch ass bruh he like the word look No bitch Hey let him stay open the bitch ass Bro you his ass like no cap Like I'm gonna keep it a hundred with you bruh Real nigga let you know you ass is fucked You fucking game cute or Nintendo 3D X or something 3D Some shit even your teammate ass They all shoot them dumb ass long gone I don't understand he faked Man he gonna air ball he gonna faked the green And air ball just ass But if this little bitch get back on the spot y'all Nigga ain't sparing me hard enough bruh I'm tired of this little bitch on the spot bruh He my dick man I miss this This is enough gotta go in Chat say it with me chat When that bad y'all Something all wrong everybody send that shit up in the chat man Bro Leo shut the fuck up man You don't want to stick Your throat don't get tired your jaw Different bruh You're a different animal bruh Let him shoot let that bitch shoot watch it He the worst fucking shooter on this game Told you you ass bitch You one of the worst shooters on this shit bruh no joke Look at him he shootin crack his ass and shit That's the little type of guy that Miss a layup That nigga ass bruh She gave the bitch an open shot Man you ass Leo You ass bruh You ass bruh Nah I'll get the fuck out of my court bitch Did this nigga just faked the greeny too though I don't know Leo is a degree to the whole Lock him in to the exact Bro if I win jackpot I'm out the court bruh I'm buying all the Mascots my god You're a supreme y'all can't do this Who climbed the whole team can they all ass bruh Bro Appreciate it Appreciate it Leo is my friend But he toxic and stuff Who got it what you grown I think he said who got you what's a grown man That stuff man I'm sexting What's up Toxic Lot Ground the over it that stuff drop like suba If you like the video keep up the grind Nigga be on dick that fake you fly son no bitch Hey come on fuck it quick I been working hard I been going hard Channa channa I ain't been a field no waller Black niggas with your black and white A pounder let's get it What's good should count as Santa was As Santa was good no cap Leo a bitch exactly I thought he was grown now G trippin I'm 16 Yo for a big fuck appreciate it man your mama said the same Thing man I guess y'all got the same jeans You wait You put my mic away Santa why you let uh Slutters Oh my god yo mic ass bro get muted Bro nigga mic ass Like How do niggas make this name Bro DJ IFC J F D T H What name you stand for What the fuck is this name even stand for This nigga just I'll put shit in in the search bar Bro Spit bitches man My nigga name is DJ J F D T H I don't understand Man I just don't understand bruh I bet he got a free name change if he change his name today He'll spit bitch man Hey I'm not becoming the shit I scratch Bitch that nigga ass to me Yo I'm back down Damn Santa was gonna hit this shit no cap Bro shit We're gonna get to the lock Yo come on Hey if y'all want to sponsor to your nigga pool man It's finnation my sponsor You fucking pop You expect I put your hits on his head on the keyboard Hey nah That nigga is hot That nigga was sleeping typing and shit Niggas end up putting that name and shit End up clicking and conferring He spent it free Bro that's why you need to stop all that reaching You would never been turned that way bruh That's all that's all that's all You know he dig bitch I'm not trolling you're good you two appreciate that man What's up pimp dad in the homo Niggas ain't pimp dad and shit Pick up I got him I got I got golden bitch Pick up on golden I got this bitch That's green that's green That's out that's out Bro hot give me that pussy Damn 2k What the fuck kinda name is that What's up e-magic what's good my god Walkin space stick and uh Like up stream big fat y'all Lits to my mind like up stream man It's free to like it up no cap that shit Like I wouldn't tell y'all like bruh Good fuckin defense Yo what's up bandit hey that's the real bandit I don't know Muffa be takin motherfucking name and shit Hell nah that's off Throw that Throw that baby girl Throw that shit nigga stop being scared of these blunt This bitch got a do rag on that pink You scared of this bitch Look at this dick eating that nigga bruh Bitch stop stepping back Pussy What's up bop What's up ze what's up mob next Hey drop like yo we can hit that 24k soon My god not this stream but as soon Surround that corner we creeping up On that bitch hey I know trash That nigga easy fuck yo shit sweet bitch Yo shit sweet He ripped me off a I bet Still him That's green we gave away a fuckin free 3 These niggas actually ass Hey drop like that nigga have him man That nigga said who is the real bandit this bitch a spit Pop out You shoulda pop out come on come on That's off wait wait wait God is that Eat my dick bitch move criminal pussy bitch eat dick Oh man Come on man we gotta lock that nigga up bruh I'm not losing this bitch name DG F C J L D T A the fuck that stand for The dumb bitch academy man That shit stand for it shorthand Hey I know you For school 3 Bro this game be Dickin Get corner get that throw that Throw that throw that throw that throw that I'm gonna take that shit yo it's good bruh bruh What's a who shoot what's good Love your video I'm gonna go crazy Nigga missing buttons on his keyboard My nigga said I ain't put the full name It's okay I gotta catch me if you can buttercup This bitch Leo in me bruh Oh he made it don't Leo me man don't ever Don't ever Leo me bitch I'm just saying don't Leo me bitch you better You better be different make them damn shut I ain't gotta come through the screen put the butt Head butt your shit with that mascot This big ass mascot You gonna be in the hospital for some hours my god If I hit you with this bitch my rebound Good fucking defense I love the defense y'all keep it up My band what you What you say I mean what you had I'm my my nigga band Bruh I got you man hey everybody welcome to the My game banding in this bitch man I do be saying I'm in this bitch cup time Oh y'all Come on Come on baby girl He dick Bitch he dick pussy that dick nigga Say with me check when that bad Don't something gone wrong Go go go Get on go go go go good shit good defense I got go I got go I got bitch I got the go bitch Alright better get go get go I got this He okay oh he tricked us this pussy nigga Tricked us this motherfucker This motherfucker is shit This bitch is shit that for a good two Minutes I mean two seconds Why would you throw that Why would you I ain't holding defense on this position Oh my my man holding defense you better hold that shit yourself Oh this is a good position This is a good position Shit your bitch ass up that stuff hey bro I can't get one that's tough Grown up bro my god I bitch what's up Jerry's I know Banding a bum Hey band why y'all get out on my man's like that man Y'all get out on my uh My nigga uh H-Slow man One got the D of tattoo man Y'all ain't got to get on my man like that man If I ever get a tattoo I'm getting Pooh got it on my fucking arm I'm getting Pooh got it on my shit Get my own shit Pooh got it I ain't getting any of them just saying though If I had like if I won one That's what I'm good I so I so Pooh in the bitch I so Pooh in the building my guy I so what y'all know about Speed boost and Pooh got it sharp Wait wait come on 2k don't mess me up baby girl Don't mess me up baby girl Don't mess me up baby girl Come on Stupid bitch Man I hate this bitch bruh for reaching bruh I don't feel the fuck that nigga up bruh That was gonna be the end throw it fat Watch it get out the way bitch get out the way If I glitch up I'm different that's all Get read Wait don't throw it don't Okay eat big bitch move criminal pussy I'll get him in room great it's tough I'm gonna flop on this bitch Hey drop like Subba if y'all nigga have me Shatter strings if y'all nigga man Who in the chat spam me if y'all didn't check I ain't gonna see them I said a lot of motherfuckers in here but I know some more people in this bitch going crazy no cap Get your ass back Get your ass back No Bro these games is a cheat code Bro I messed that nigga That's supposed to be in a green or something Get that get that What you give for hedging bruh What you give for hedging Get back clear catch me if you can baby girl We out this bitch I could have been throw it but I'm a different breed I ain't gotta throw none I ain't gotta throw none man Alright I'm done I'm done playing that end this shit cause you know what happened on 5k Like I don't know if I got a curse or some shit Nigga really catch up and beat my shit I said let you go and get the evening out the quit y'all The end I messed up my shot but see it That shit tough throw it to me throw it to Throw it to him Catch me if you can bitch watch him go catch me I'm down too late he did Bro it's this game bruh It's this game bruh on me it's this game Ain't gonna make that if I can't If we lose bruh it's on me bruh On me it's on me It ain't on me fuck that it's on this game bruh You can't miss that bullshit man Ain't on me bruh don't even hit your head through this screen bruh If we lose this shit it's on y'all niggas of this game man And I'm blaming on me Look you shot that shot Nigga see that look you I don't think you're gonna sell me this shit Mother got a big smile on his face Eeeeee free fire cake Pull Leo exactly bruh I'm Leo and folks and shit bruh Missing open shot Hey now this bitch a Leo this 2 for 6 bitch and it's over 2 nigga Hey bruh talk to you I already said what's up bitch don't say yo one more time Fuck your mother man Hey drop it like it's over if y'all nigga having man Hey we figured hey damn we hit it Everybody spend that 23.2k"1185.0s

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